A FACTORY inc. Building material 17-4
A&D Medical IoT products/service 4-23
A.D.A CO.,LTD Furniture 13-10
AAB (China) Co.,Ltd Diaper 21-23
Abilities Care-net Incorporated Care bathtub 13-17
ACESYSTEM Co.,Ltd System for welfare equipment rental business 17-31
ADUMI-SANGYO CO.LTD. Kitchen equipment, Dishes 5-23
AFC Co.,Ltd. Health food, Supplement 26-11
AGC Glass Products Co., Ltd. Building material 18-4
Agurimasu,inc. Solution for nursing care home 7-8
Aica Kogyo Company.Limited Building material 16-3
AIPHONE CO., LTD. Nurse call 99-99
AIRWEAVE INC Bedding 14-20
ai-service Co., Ltd Meal delivery service 6-17
AISHIMU IRYOUKI CO.,LTD Healthcare product 21-4
AITOZ Co.,Ltd. Uniform 23-11
AJINOMOTO CO.,INC. Food materials 7-20
ALCO-EX CO.,LTD. Monitoring system 19-31
ALEN INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD Anti-aging, Beauty items 28-23
ALL ONE 275 Japan, Co.,Ltd. Healthcare equipment/product 26-24
Almedio Inc. Care prevention items/service 21-31
AlphaSystem,Inc. Nursing care system 16-15
ALTERNA co.,Ltd Infection prevention items/equipment 8-11
AM corporation Excretion care supplies 21-12
AMANO Company Limited Care bathtub 13-19
Anseoco Japan Co., Ltd. Training and fitness items/service 20-15
ARIST Co.Ltd Health food, Supplement 26-14
ARTISTIC&CO. Anti-aging, Beauty items 28-19
Artplan Co.,Ltd Care robot 4-8
ASAHI industries corp. Walker 28-29
ASAHI KIKOU co.,ltd. Service for comprehensive community care, ICT solution 1-5
asahi-shoes Shoes 23-7
ASD inc. Monitoring system 17-28
Asian Gateway Consulting Care record system 17-19
assist international co.,ltd. Stick 19-5
ATC AGELESS CENTER Solution for nursing care home 5-13
AVAIL CO.LTD Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 9-8
Beauty and Healthcare News Inc. 28-22
Bee System Co. Care record system 16-28
Beniya Offset Co.,Ltd 28-32
Bi-jia BJA Infection prevention items/equipment 11-19
Biolife Corporation Dessert, Sweets 5-16
BioLT Co.,Ltd. Anti-aging, Beauty items 21-24
biosilver.co.,Itd. Watching robot 18-20
BP-TECH Co., Ltd. Massage equipment 26-25
Bravo Group Inc. Music 6-12
Bravo Group Inc. Training and fitness items/service 24-4
Breathtrant Exercise 7-7
B-select Co.,Ltd. Lifestyle support products 19-7
CARICA CELAPI CO., Health food, Supplement 26-3
CARING.,Co,Ltd Stick 20-18
CentralBase26,inc Risk management equipment 9-9
CHARION Co.,Ltd Healthcare equipment/product 7-28
China-Aisa Economic Development Endowment Elderly Care Industry Promotion Association Nursing care products, Wholesaler 20-11
cico corporation Service for security and safety life (Watching service, Security, Crime prevention) 2-16
clear Facility maintenance 11-9
clinico Care food 5-18
Club Business Japan 28-12
Club Create Co.,Ltd. Stretch/Rehabilitation apparatus 24-28
Co., Ltd. Walking support items 26-32
cookdeli Meal delivery service 6-27
COPLUS CO.,LTD. Service/Solution for government 28-17
COPLUS.CO.,LTD City regeneration, Community revitalization, Facility development 1-4
CORONA Corp. Infection prevention items/equipment 9-24
COSMOSOUND,Inc. Music 15-3
Cosumosu Co., Ltd. Vital sensor 20-31
Crafteriaux Co.,Ltd. Recreation 5-9
CRAIS PLAN,Inc. Facility construction, Design 17-9
CRYSTAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Walking support items 28-27
CSE Co.,Ltd. Solution for nursing care home 8-7
D.I.T Co.,Ltd Sterilization, Hygiene supplies 8-20
DAIDOHANT CO.,LTD Solution for nursing care home 6-8
Daileo Co.,Ltd Wheelchair 21-28
Daimatu Shoes 22-8
Daito Service, Inc. Monitoring system 19-9
Daiwa Corporstion Laundry machine, Washer 10-24
Daiwakasei Care bathtub 13-3
DENSAN CORPORATION Rehabilitation equipment 24-26
DGSALES CO.,Ltd Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 9-3
DIP Co., ltd. Shoes 21-7
direct japan Infection prevention items/equipment 10-20
DOBASHI CORPORATION Equipment for nursing care home 21-3
DUSKIN Life support service (Home visit, Catering service, etc.) 3-27
E.DESIGN CO.,LTD. Fashion items 25-16
Eagle,ltd. Self-help devices 20-32
Earth&Water Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 10-6
EcoNaviSta Co., Ltd. Monitoring system 18-24
Eicoh Group Holdings Co., Ltd. Bathing products 9-28
ELECTROLUX (JAPAN)LIMITED Laundry machine, Washer 12-15
EM SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Nursing care system 17-23
ERECTA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Sterilization, Hygiene supplies 8-23
Esaki Medical Instrument, Co., Ltd. Rehabilitation equipment 22-27
ESCO Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 11-8
E-SEMS Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 10-7
etani sangyo,inc. Anti-aging, Beauty items 27-18
EVAH Co.,Ltd. Service for security and safety life (Watching service, Security, Crime prevention) 1-7
EVER GLOBE CO., LTD Walker 19-8
eWeLL,Inc. Electronic health record 3-11
FAN LI INC. Therapeutic instrument, Medical equipment 25-2
faveur marche Therapeutic instrument, Medical equipment 25-20
FCS Life support service (Home visit, Catering service, etc.) 2-9
Finejapan co.,ltd Care food 6-15
FIT PACIFIC, INC. IoT products/service 4-24
Flax co.,jp Healthcare equipment/product 16-8
FOODSLINK Co.,ltd. Meal delivery service 6-24
footmark Bathing products 22-17
forte Inc. Monitoring system 18-32
fransusougouiryou,Inc. Therapeutic instrument, Medical equipment 28-13
Fuji Data System, Inc. Care record system 3-28
FUJI MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS MFG. CO., LTD. Healthcare equipment/product 25-23
FUJIMARU DESIGN STUDIO Training and fitness items/service 16-4
fujimori,co.ltd Training and fitness items/service 25-3
Fujitsu Service for security and safety life (Watching service, Security, Crime prevention) 3-15
Fundodai Goyo Inc. Care food 6-16
fureaisupport Lifestyle support products 20-20
FUYO KAIHATSU Co.,ltd Care system 19-14
Girion Co., Ltd. Therapeutic instrument, Medical equipment 25-24
Global Amulet, Inc. Monitoring system 19-16
GOJO Japan Inc. Infection prevention items/equipment 8-16
Granz Co.ltd. Bed 23-1
GUARDNER co.,ltd Nursing care products, Wholesaler 24-17
HAKARU PLUS CO.,LTD. Nurse call 20-23
Hasegawa Electric Industries Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 17-7
HEIWA TECHNO SYSTEM Monitoring system 17-22
helmet dive corporation Wheelchair 23-15
Hitachi Medical Computer Systems,Inc Cloud service 4-20
Hong Kong Trade Development Council 4-16
Hongo inc. Health food, Supplement 26-5
HUMANRAIZIN,Inc. Recreation 6-11
Hyd Ag Tio Poject Team Clothing (Functional clothing, Socks, Towel) 27-4
I&C Co.,ltd Furniture 13-2
ICST Corporation Healthcare equipment/product 27-16
IDA Co., Ltd. Staff recruitment/educational service, Consulting 11-1
IKEHIKO CORPORATION Lifestyle support products 22-23
ILE CO., LTD. Solution for nursing care home 17-17
InBody Japan Inc. Therapeutic instrument, Medical equipment 20-28
INFIC Communications Inc. Monitoring system 18-15
INFILL Furniture 16-7
INFOCOM CORPORATION Service for comprehensive community care, ICT solution 2-15
INGENIOUS CO.,LTD Welfare vehicle 13-11
INOAC LIVING CO.,LTD. Bedsore prevention 21-15
Inter Reha Co., Ltd. Rehabilitation equipment 23-27
Irischitose, Inc Furniture 13-4
iSEED Co., LTD Monitoring system 17-32
ITO co.,LTD. Anti-aging, Beauty items 27-24
Itodenengineering Co.Ltd. Care robot 4-21
IURA CO.,LTD. Bathing equipment 13-9
Iwatani Corporation Nursing care products, Wholesaler 15-11
JAPAN Homehelper Association Equipment for nursing care home 20-22
Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. 26-13
Japan Bio Science Labratory Health food, Supplement 26-10
Japan Care Lift Service Lift 12-19
japan care support cooperative Staff recruitment/educational service, Consulting 7-10
Japan Clinic Co.,Ltd Health food, Supplement 26-12
JAPAN ENIX Co.,Ltd. Items/Service for care staff 14-12
Japan Medical Planning Newspaper, Magazine 9-16
JAPAN ROYAL JELLY Co,Ltd. Health food, Supplement 25-12
japan senior citizens welfare organization City regeneration, Community revitalization, Facility development 1-10
Japan Standerd Inc. Kitchen equipment, Dishes 5-22
JapanActiveCommunityAssociation Recreation 6-2
JET Compani ltd. Healthcare equipment/product 26-22
JICHODO Co.,Ltd Uniform 22-11
Jiritsucom,Inc Lifestyle support products 14-16
Jsepkyushu,Inc. Bedding 27-23
J-STAR CO.,LTD. Home care support items 15-17
KAJISHIN co.,ltd Furniture 17-8
KAMI SHOJI CO.LTD Diaper 22-19
Kampo Marino Ltd. Staff recruitment/educational service, Consulting 7-13
Kanagawa Prefectural Government Healthcare product 25-1
Kanamic Network Co.,LTD Care system 16-20
KARADA GENKI CHIRYOIN,Inc On-site service 10-11
kashidasu Wheelchair 23-2
katousyoukai,Inc. Therapeutic instrument, Medical equipment 28-24
KATSUMI JAPAN INC. Food materials 7-18
katurao,electronics,industry co.ltd Lifestyle support products 19-15
KAWAJUN CO.,Ltd Furniture 13-23
KAWAMURACYCLE Wheelchair 23-3
keihospia Stick 26-28
Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd Lifestyle support products 22-16
KINGRUN CO.,LTD Nursing care products, Wholesaler 13-11
KINGRUN MEDICARE CO.,LTD Solution for nursing care home 13-11
KINGRUN RENEWAL CO.,LTD Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 13-11
KIZAKI Co..Ltd Sports items (Shoes, Supporter) 26-31
Knot Ltd. Lifestyle support products 20-17
Kobe Sogu Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Walking support items 26-27
Koishikawa System Design, Inc. Monitoring system 19-12
Konica Minolta Japan 18-6
kubosangyo,inc. Health food, Supplement 26-18
KYOWA KOUGYOU Ltd. Lift 11-12
Kyushu institute of Technology Monitoring system 4-4
LAP Co.,Ltd. Rehabilitation equipment 24-24
LEADING COMPANY.,LTD. Bathing products 20-12
Legal plus LPC Solution for nursing care home 9-4
LEOC Meal service 7-16
leveragescareer Staff recruitment/educational service, Consulting 11-7
Libra,Inc. Nursing care system 8-24
Licom Inc. Monitoring sensor 19-11
LION OFFICE PRODUCTS CORP. Interior goods 16-27
LOUVREDO Anti-aging, Beauty items 28-21
M.I.C. International Corp. Fashion items 28-10
MAKISPORTS Stretch/Rehabilitation apparatus 24-32
Mamiya-OP Co.,Ltd. Kitchen equipment, Dishes 5-24
Maruzen.Co.,Ltd Nursing care products, Wholesaler 21-16
Masudaya Co.,Ltd Food materials, Wholesaler 7-17
Matsutani Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. Natural food, Organic 26-17
meidentsu,Inc Nurse call 19-28
Meihanshokuhin,Inc. Care food 6-23
meikoshokai Bedsore prevention 24-7
MERCI Co.,Ltd. Massage equipment 25-19
Merci Co.,Ltd. Healthcare equipment/product 11-3
MFSG Lifestyle support products 15-19
MICMAC CO., LTD Health food, Supplement 26-7
MIK Pharm Co., Ltd. Diaper 24-15
MIKASA Co., LTD. Sports items (Wear, Shoes, Supporter) 27-28
MIKASA CORPORATION Training and fitness items/service 25-7
Mindf Fitness Co.Ltd. Healthcare equipment/product 27-12
Mitsubishi Research Institute,Inc. Training and fitness items/service 3-20
Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc. Equipment for nursing care home 14-18
Mitsui-Norin Co.,Ltd. Food materials, Wholesaler 5-19
Miugi co.ltd Slope, Lifting platform 8-31
Miyato Yaso Institute Co., Ltd. Health food, Supplement 25-4
MoonStar Company Shoes 21-10
MorebetterJapan Inc. Healthcare equipment/product 21-29
Moritoh Co., Ltd. Lift 11-24
M's corporation Uniform 21-19
Musashino foods Meal delivery service 5-17
Muscle Corporation Care robot 4-17
Muso Natural food, Organic 25-8
mycall.co.,LTD Nurse call 18-31
NAKAYO,INC. System for prevent wandering 17-20
Naothing,Inc Clothing (Functional clothing, Socks, Towel) 28-18
Naruki Japan Co.ltd Anti-aging, Beauty items 8-11
ndsoftware Care record system 16-19
NEC Platforms, Ltd. IoT products/service 3-2
NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd Healthcare equipment/product 25-28
NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. Care prevention items/service 21-27
NECESS Solution for nursing care home 9-11
neocareer Staff recruitment/educational service, Consulting 7-12
nic Inc. Items/Service for care staff 20-9
Nic, Inc. Life support service (Home visit, Catering service, etc.) 1-20
Nihon Computer Consultant Co., Ltd. Care system 16-11
NIHON KOHDEN Service for comprehensive community care, ICT solution 18-12
NIHON TRIM CO.,LTD Healthcare equipment/product 8-3
NihonSafety Co., Ltd Excretion care supplies 10-12
Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd. Rehabilitation equipment 22-31
Nipponsec,Inc Monitoring system 18-9
NIPRO CORPORATION Monitoring system 18-8
Nissha Co., Ltd. Monitoring system 19-24
NISSHO ENGINEERING CO., LTD Healthcare equipment/product 27-20
Nissin Medical Industries co.,LTD. Wheelchair 23-4
NJICo.,Ltd Monitoring system 18-11
Noah Konzeer Co.,ltd. Nursing care system 16-16
NODA CORPORATION Facility construction, Design 14-24
NODA.FURNITURE CO.,LTD. Furniture 15-5
NORTH HAND GROUP Service for comprehensive community care, ICT solution 1-24
NPO corporation Association of People and People" "Protectors" Project" Service for comprehensive community care, ICT solution 1-18
Nursing care business M&A support center Business support, Sales increase, Consulting 16-2
Nursing care business M&A support center Sales Increase, Management Support 16-2
Nursing care Koshien booth 10-15
OGASAWARA CO.,LTD Equipment for nursing care home 11-20
OGISO,INC. Kitchen equipment, Dishes 7-19
Ohori co.,Ltd. 8-17
Ohsato Co.Ltd. Lifestyle support products 20-24
OKA corp Training and fitness items/service 23-28
ONO FOODS CO., LTD Care food 5-20
ORC MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Sterilization, Hygiene supplies 11-16
Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional innovation, JAPAN Therapeutic instrument, Medical equipment 26-21
Otona-no-gacco Inc Brain training, Game, Learning 5-12
Pacific Supply CO.,LTD. Lift 15-18
Panasonic AGE-FREE Co.,Ltd Care robot 13-28
Pansy Corporation Shoes 27-27
Paron.Co.,Ltd Rehabilitation items 24-20
PHILIPS JAPAN Oral care items 26-19
Phiten Stretch/Rehabilitation apparatus 26-20
PHOENIX Co.,LTD. Oral care items 27-11
Physio-Control Japan,Inc. Therapeutic instrument, Medical equipment 2-23
Pioneer Cloud service 16-12
PIRANHA TOOL Co.,Ltd. Excretion care supplies 20-5
PLATZ Co.,Ltd. Bed 13-16
plust.co.ltd Sterilization, Hygiene supplies 9-18
PMC WATANABE Inc. Infection prevention items/equipment 9-15
POOL Inc. 7-9
POPPO JAPAN CO.,LTD Clothing (Functional clothing, Socks, Towel) 28-20
Presence Medical Business support, Sales increase, Consulting 10-3
President,International Kansei Design Institute,Ltd 4-12
Provident Corporation Service/Solution for government 18-14
PS COMPANY, LTD Infection prevention items/equipment 10-22
P-tech Corporation Health check devices/items 27-19
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Honjo Waseda Research Park Lifestyle support products 21-6
Purus Inc. Infection prevention items/equipment 9-17
qbiworld.,Ltd Anti-aging, Beauty items 27-17
Qol CO.,LTD 2-11
QOLservice,Inc. Recreation 5-14
RAKUTO Co., Ltd. Foot bath 8-12
RAYCOP JAPAN INC. Vacuum cleaner 8-19
Realinite Co., Ltd. Service/Products using VR/AR technology 4-22
RealtimeRental,Inc. Monitoring system 19-32
RealtimeSystems, Inc. Monitoring system 19-32
RICOH JAPAN Corp. Monitoring system 3-4
sagisaka.co.ltd Healthcare product 23-8
Sai Co.,Ltd. Karaoke, Amusement equipment 6-7
Saiho Co., Ltd Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 7-11
SAKAI Medical Co., Ltd. Care bathtub 13-12
Sakura Community Service Co., Ltd. Service/Products using AI 17-12
salon oldies 3-16
SANKO Lifestyle support products 28-4
Sanyo Global Partners, Inc. Recreation 5-4
SEAHONENCE Inc. Bed 13-24
SEKISUI HEIM Facility construction, Design 14-4
SEKISUI HOMETECHNO CO., LTD. Care bathtub 8-28
Sekisui House,Ltd. Facility construction, Design 3-19
SENDAN,LTD Meal service 7-23
SENIOR LIFE CREATE Co. ,Ltd, Meal delivery service 6-20
Shibashouen Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 9-6
Shinbun Printing,co.,Ltd Brain training, Game, Learning 5-8
SHINNIPPON CALENDAR CO., LTD. Business support, Sales increase, Consulting 9-7
SHINWOO P&C Corporation Diaper 20-6
SHIP HEALTHCARE HOLDINGS, INC. Infection prevention items/equipment 10-17
SHIRATORI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Health food, Supplement 26-8
Shizuoka Kinzoku Co. Mobility aids 15-15
shobido Sterilization, Hygiene supplies 21-9
Shuwakenko,Inc. Building material 15-9
Silver Sangyo Shinbunsha Newspaper, Magazine 1-16
SILVER SHIMPO Newspaper, Magazine 11-14
SK-Electronics CO., LTD. Rehabilitation equipment 25-17
smartresource Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 8-13
SMS CO., LTD Care insurance claim software 17-18
SOGO MEDICAL CO., LTD. City regeneration, Community revitalization, Facility development 1-6
SOGO-UNICOM CO.,LTD Newspaper, Magazine 1-22
Sojitz Corporation Monitoring system 18-16
somay-q technology Facility maintenance 17-3
SOMIC ISHIKAWA INC. Rehabilitation equipment 22-32
Sony Creative Products Inc. Recreation 6-4
STAEDTLER NIPPON K.K. Handicraft 5-3
STAR CONSULTING GROUP Business support, Sales increase, Consulting 10-4
Starpartners Sales increase, Management support, Consulting 8-8
Sugi Holdings Co.,Ltd. Service for comprehensive community care, ICT solution 2-19
sukeno co.,ltd. Clothing (Functional clothing, Socks, Towel) 27-3
SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES, ltd IoT products/service 3-12
Sunauto Co.,Ltd Therapeutic instrument, Medical equipment 22-28
Sunshine Service Co.,Ltd. Bathing equipment 8-32
Sunstar Group Oral care items 19-4
Suzuhiro Kamaboko Co.,Ltd. Health food, Supplement 26-9
SYNTEX Slope, Lifting platform 15-16
syslabo Care record system 17-11
SYSTEM INSTRUMENTS Co.,Ltd. Rehabilitation equipment 3-16
taihei Meal delivery service 6-28
Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) Solution for nursing care home 21-14
Takamori Kohki Co.Ltd Infection prevention items/equipment 10-18
TAKANAWAKAI.IS Recreation 5-10
TAKENAKA ENGINEERINNG CO.,LTD Monitoring system 18-19
TAKETORA CO.,LTD. Lift 23-19
TB-eye Ltd. Items/Service for care staff 12-11
TEIJIN FRONTIER CO.,LTD Interior goods 14-8
Teikoku Pharmacare Co.,Ltd. Walking support items 28-30
TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc Monitoring system 18-28
The Council of senior Housing Industry Executives 1-11
The Japan Dietetic Association Service for comprehensive community care, ICT solution 8-15
THE KEIRYU COMPANY Solution for nursing care home 18-7
THE SKATER CO.,LTD. Lifestyle support products 20-10
TIGER-CHIYODA MACHINERY CO.,LTD Solution for nursing care home 3-23
Time World Co.,Ltd Care prevention items/service 9-10
Togu 28-11
Tokutake industry Co,Ltd. Shoes 22-9
Tokyo rehabilitation society Recreation 18-3
Tokyo Travel Partners Co.,Ltd Travel 5-4
tomoesoroban Brain training, Game, Learning 5-11
TOPPAN PRINTING CO.,LTD. Medication support 2-11
tosei corporation Infection prevention items/equipment 12-7
Total Brein Care Co.,Ltd. Brain training, Game, Learning 27-25
Towa Motors.,Ltd. Welfare vehicle 13-1
toyoaquatech Energy saving, Labor saving equipment/service 9-12
toyo-denso Monitoring system 18-23
TOYOMARU Industry.,Co.Ltd. Brain training, Game, Learning 5-7
TOYOTA AUTO BODY Equipment for nursing care home 23-23
TOYOTA TSUSHO ALL LIFE Nursing care products, Wholesaler 23-23
Toyotama Healthy Food Co., LTD. Health food, Supplement 26-4
TRIACE LIMITED Bedding 21-18
Triple W Japan K.K. Care robot 4-15
TSUZUKI DENKI CO.,LTD. Care system 16-24
ULTRA FLOOR CARE JAPAN Hygiene supplies 11-17
Unagi no Iguchi,Ltd Health food, Supplement 26-6
UNITEBOARD CO., Ltd. Furniture 15-8
upr.co Clothing (Functional clothing, Socks, Towel) 26-23
VIP GLOBAL CO.,LTD Solution for nursing care home 7-24,11-11
WAKO TECHNO Co.,Ltd. Nursing care products, Wholesaler 20-4
Waseda Elderly Health Association IoT products/service 4-19
watakakeori co ., ltd Clothing (Functional clothing, Socks, Towel) 28-8
welfan Stretch/Rehabilitation apparatus 10-28
Wellup Co., Ltd. Health check devices/items 25-11
WINNING ONE CO.,LTD. Sports items (Wear, Shoes, Supporter) 28-28
Wireless Communication Laboratory,Inc Watching robot 4-11
XING Exercise 6-1
XING Inc. Service/Solution for government 1-3
yaesu.,Ltd Meal delivery service 6-18
Yakushin Corporation Medication support 9-31
Yamachu, co. ltd Sports items (Wear, Shoes, Supporter) 27-2
yamato co.,ltd. Healthcare equipment/product 8-4
yamato co.,ltd. Healthcare equipment/product 24-12
Yamato Food,Inc Meal service 7-25
yamazaki corporation Equipment for nursing care home 9-23
yazakikako Corporation Lift 12-3
Yoshida Technoworks Co., Ltd. Kitchen equipment, Dishes 7-21
yoshikei development Meal delivery service 6-19
YUMERON KUROKAWA Co.,Ltd. Rehabilitation equipment 15-12
yuyama,Inc. Service for comprehensive community care, ICT solution 16-32
YUZAWAYA SHOJI CO.,LTD. Handicraft 6-3
ZEROInitialize Training and fitness items/service 25-27
Zhongshan A&E Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd. Wheelchair 21-11